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social media marketing, smmSocial Media Marketing or SSM is the process of gaining traffic by leveraging powerful social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

JNH Solutions can setup profiles for your business and/or integrate them to your existing website.

By taking advantage of social media websites you have the ability to bring your business to the eyes of visitors that would otherwise would not be able to see your site.

This strategy has replaced email marketing for some companies. Why? How many email’s these days do you actually open?

But with social media marketing you have the ability to pop up in people’s daily feeds. If you can engage them e.g. creating something they can “like” or comment on, your message then can be seen on their friend’s and families feeds.

What better way to market your products and/or services by being personally endorsed to your current customers loved ones?

This strategy is not only very effective but it is taking advantage of a freely available medium.

JNH Solutions can help with the initial setup of your branded social media accounts and introduce strategies to make updating and engaging your customers an easy and enjoyable process.