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October 19, 2014
JNH Solutions

Android app developmentOne great thing about releasing an app on the Android platform is that there is not quite as much red tape to go through compared to apps in iOS.

Although, as a developer I have noticed quite a lot of changes within both Google and Apple, Android is still much more relaxed and easy to understand in their guidelines and policies.

See for yourself!

What does this mean to someone with an app idea? It may take considerably longer to get your app into iTunes compared to Google Play.

Another point to take into consideration, is that Apple carefully checks any updates to your app. You could be in the position of finally getting your app released into iTunes just to find there is a small bug. The update could take a few months before the review process is complete which could see your apps rating plummet, effectively killing your app before it is properly off the ground.

Android phones are growing rapidly. An increase in low cost smart phones using Android as their operating system is making smart phones more accessible. With it being so easy to lose or break a smart phone, many are opting to replace their mobile with a cheaper option while they wait for their current phone contract to expire.

Ideally, you would be best to release your app idea on both platforms to cover the market. However, if you are working with a fixed budget I would consider launching your app on Android first and if it is successful then corner the iPhone market.

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