Free Images for my site???

October 04, 2013
JNH Solutions

One of the most confusing things I find my clients run into is the definition of free images.

moose imagesIf you have ever done a search for free images you would have no doubt come across a bunch of “royalty free” images.

Unfortunately, you may still have to pay for these. But what if you want 100% free images?

Luckily there are two great sites for free images. Perfect to use for your website, blog posts and more:

  • Pixabay – Great range of images, both photos and vectors.
  • Stock.XCHNG – Perfect for blog posts. Requires signup for large images.

Be aware that both of these site mix in premium / sponsored images from other paid sites (usually the top and bottom rows when searching) that have costs involved.

Another great place for free images is, most images are free but you are best to check what licence the image has before using it on your site.

You may also find usable images from Flickr users, but you best read up about what types of images are available first as most use varying creative commons licencing.

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