How to spot if you have a Google penalty

September 07, 2013
JNH Solutions

Recently I came across a really great tool that I thought I should share that can help you spot what penalty your website has been hit with. In the past it has been difficult to determine where the issue started and which Google penalty has hit you, but now there are a few online tools to help. The one I like is 100% free to use from Barracuda Digital.

Introducing the Panguin Tool …

All you need is to have Google Analytics setup. You can then login to them via:

Choose the profile of the site you want to check and you should get a view of your Analytics with colored lines representing when updates to Google’s algorithm were put in place.

panguin tool

This can let you know where your site has been affected helping you distinguish what you need to do to fix it 🙂


The Panda update was aimed to weed out low quality sites. If you see a drop that is around a red line it is time to review your on-page content to make sure it is not duplicated or low quality.


The Penguin update was Google’s answer to combat site owners violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, such as participating in linking schemes, keyword stuffing and more.


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