Improve Your Search Engine Ranking With Content Curation

August 15, 2012
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Getting higher search engine ranking on all the major search engines is highly critical. Why so? Because more than 65% of the online traffic reaches your website or blog through these search engines. Better search ranking will automatically generate more online traffic.

How? That’s what you are thinking off right now, (isn’t it so). I will answer it in a simple phrase, which most probably you must have heard and said a million times before this, “Content is king”. Better the quality of content of your blog or website better will be its ranking on search engines. Almost every search engine looks for pages, which are filled with high-quality content. However, creating high-quality content on a regular basis is not always possible for you or any webmaster and this is where content curation can be of great help.

Content curation
Content marketing tactic in which you discover, gather and present the best possible content with your own opinions and with a better description. It is used as an alternative option for content creation and is better than it. You need to understand that people are hungry for information and you need to fill that void, which can be done with the help of Content curation. With this, you can keep your website up-to-date with high quality content.

How Content Curation Improves Search Ranking

Now the question remains, how content curation boost your search ranking? There are certain reasons behind this. Some of them are listed here:

Content curation as compared to content creation allows you to update your website on a regular basis. Search engines always index up-to-date sites more often.

When you curate content, a process occurs in which optimization of short-tail keywords takes place. In this process, most popular search terms within your area of interest gets automatically included. The inclusion of these key terms across a wide range of content improves your search engines ranking.

The main aim of Content curation is to offer best to your audience. As your audience will notice the value of your curated content, they will most probably consider you as a trusted resource and will link to you. In addition, when you link with the source of the curated piece of information, the author will get notified and may link back in order to share your content with his audience
Search engines love content that is organized nicely. Curation platforms assist in that very thing. They allow you to arrange your content well and help in making it attractive for search engines and useful for audience.

The chances of curated content, being shared across social media networks like tweeter and Facebook is always there. Recent studies have proved that shares on these social networks affect search rankings. Thus, if your content is good and can get viral on these social media site, then you will have a rush of social signals for that particular content, which in turn will push your ranking up in the search engines.

The best way to do it
One of the best ways to improve your SEO/ Search ranking with curated content is by mixing it with original created content. Updating your website or blog once a week with unique content is very much recommended and for the rest you can use curated content. The other thing to note is “always rewrite the intros of the content you curate”, as it adds to your authority and implements your conversational tone.

Today’s post has been submitted by expert Freelance Copywriter Fahim Aalam

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