Do you have a keyword domain name?

August 11, 2012
JNH Solutions

Does your domain name have your main keyword in it?

A quick search in Google for your main keywords will probably show you just how much Google and other search engines rate keyword domain names.

While it is not impossible to get your non keyword domain name ranking well in the search engines, it can be an uphill battle. This can be a costly experience if you are thinking of a long-term SEO strategy.

So what are my options?

Multiple websites. Be your own competition by creating sites geared to one keyword. You should have one website that best represents your company that can be used on your business cards etc. and one geared towards search engine results. e.g. is not the ideal domain name for attracting traffic for the search term “Melbourne website design“, however I was able to secure the domain name for a future site targeted for this keyword.

My advice, get hold of any keyword domain names in your industry while you can (if they are available). If you cant get .COM.AU or .COM look to .NET.AU or .NET. Add hyphens between keywords if the domain has been taken, e.g. if is taken try

Utilise free website builders such as Weebly to get a quick website on the domain name. The full site can then be created at your leisure but you may be able to leverage some traffic from your keyword domain while the site is being built.

Looking for keyword domain names? Check out the availability of your domain at Domainwave. Your source for keyword domain names.

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