The personal cloud storage war

May 06, 2012
JNH Solutions

Unless you have been away from the internet in the last few months, you would be well aware of the cloud storage war raging on the web.

It is pretty much between market leader, Dropbox and new comer Google Drive.

Dropbox has always dominated the free cloud storage market with their 2GB free accounts. They also have some fun quests which can be done to help you understand Dropbox better but also to gain additional free storage.

Google Drive, released last month has 5GB storage but with very well priced plans that could be a major thorn in Dropbox’s side.

Microsoft also has SkyDrive offering 7GB. If you are quick on joining Skydrive they have a bonus, upgrading you to 25GB of free cloud storage.

My advice, join them all! They are here to stay. You can upload your personal photos and have them synchronized to your computer having piece of mind that if you do lose your data on the computer, your pictures will be safe.

Cloud storage is the way of the future with internet speeds getting faster all the time, it makes sense to put your files in the hands of the experts.

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