Debian Squeeze Problem Solving 101

March 02, 2012
JNH Solutions

I had a bizarre issue with one of JNH Solutions web servers over the last two days which saw a little downtime to some of my personal websites.

Luckily, no clients sites are on this server so I had plenty of time to troubleshoot it.

What was happening was that the server was going down at weird times of the night but was mainly fine throughout the day. These outages only lasted a few minutes but on looking at the server logs it didn’t really point to the issue.

One thing came to mind! A possible bug with debian squeeze and apache? But unfortunately the next night saw even more downtime.

Next thing I thought of, which was actually the first thing until I stumbled upon the debian bug, was a possible hacker. I had a Russian IP address making constant attempts to get into the back end of this site, so maybe it was a DoS attack?

Nothing in my logs supports this though?

Today I got my answer …. the modem died. Luckily I have a spare with the settings pre-installed ready to go in this sort of occasion but have never seen a hardware issue emulate a software problem so well. This one had me stumped!

All fixed now, just thought I should but a post out in case someone else has the same issue so they can check the obvious before going through a few days of torture troubleshooting site dropouts.

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