JNH Solutions now has nameservers!

June 18, 2011
JNH Solutions

nameservers, dnsIt’s official. After years of using everyDNS to resolve our hosted domain names, we have now set up our own nameservers. After dynDNS bought out everyDNS, we were all promised that donators would receive lifetime DNS services at no cost.

However, this was limited to 50 records which is only equivalent to less than 25 domain names! As we host over 150 domain names here at JNH Solutions we were told we would be best to signup to Dyn’s enterprise service – Dynect …. for $195 per month.

As we offer low cost web hosting, going with a plan such as this would mean increasing prices, which we do not want to do.

So, we embarked on setting up our own JNH Solutions nameservers.

What does this mean? We have more control over the domains. We can set them up much faster and we can keep offering our low cost Australian web hosting service.

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